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World Championship 2017 in Nederland

Finally the Soling World Championships will be held again in the Netherlands !!!!

As organizing committee and hosts of the Soling World Championships 2017, we have the privilege to write the first column of a series of monthly columns preceding the event in September 2017.

For the coming months you can expect the following monthly contributions in preparation of the event :
January 2017 – introduction of the yacht club/venue by Commodore of RNYC, Guido van Berkel;
February 2017 – lodging/ information on the accommodation possibilities by Han van Veen;
March 2017 – a few words on the supporter program during the event, by Francoise van Veen;
April 2017 – introduction by Michael Dietzel, president of the International Soling Club (ISA) ;
May 2017 – Race Management approach and policies for the Soling Worlds 2017, by race officer Alex Hoeve;
June 2017 – measurement during the Worlds 2017, by chief measurer Laslo Hegymegi;
July 2017 – introduction to the International Jury and publication of the Sailing Instructions, by the members of the International Jury (Tony O’Gorman/Lorenz Walch/Pauline den Burger);
August 2017 – Meteo and local knowledge by Reinier Wissenraet ;
September 2017 – Welcoming message by the Mayor of Gooise meren (Muiden), Albertine van Vliet-Kuiper.

At the time the opening ceremony for the championship 2017 will take place, it has been over 27 years that the Soling Club Nederland (SCN) has hosted this event for the last time. We are very happy to have the opportunity again to welcome all foreign competitors of the International Soling Class in the Netherlands.

A bit of history…
The last time the Soling World championships were held in the Netherlands was in August 1990 when 66 Solings set sail from Medemblik to determine who was the best. The event featured the attendance of the present King of Spain HRH Felipe de Bourbon, who as a crewmember in one of the Spanish boats was racing together with Fernando Leon and Alfredo Vacquez. They finished 5th overall at the event,the world title was won by Marc Bouet, Fabrice Levet and Alain Pintet.

It is a tribute to the International Soling Class to see that several of the competitors who participated in 1990 will be participating again in the Soling Worlds 2017 and we are thrilled to see that the event is generating so much interest already among participants around the world.

In the days between 1990 until present, the activities of the Soling Club Nederland did in no way come to a standstill:
In 1993, with the unsurpassed enthusiasm of the present secretary Rudy den Outer, the Soling Club Nederland organized the European Match Race Championship at Lake Kralingen; A one square kilometer size lake located in the center of Rotterdam.
What no one expected at such a sheltered venue, actually did happen on the first racing day: the wind was that strong that the majority of the participating teams ( after seeing an early competitor performing a flawless Chinese gybe in front of the clubhouse) asked the races to be postponed until the next day. This championship was won by the Norwegian team of Herman Horn Johannessen, Paul Davis and Espen Stockeland.
5 years later the Soling Club Nederland organized again at lake Kralingen the World Championships Soling Matchracing “INFANTA CHRISTINA”. This time under perfect conditions, it was the (then, as he obtained a 4th one after) three times Olympic Gold Medalist Jochen Schumann, together with Gunnar Bahr and Ingo Borkowski, who took the honors by winning this event.
In 2005 the Soling Club Nederland again hosted the European Championships Soling class, and this event was held under absolutely fabulous sailing conditions at Medemblik. Roman Koch, Maxi Koch and Gregor Bornemann became the European Champions at this event

The Soling Worlds 2017 ( www.solingworlds.com )
This time the event will be organized by the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club, which is located in the town of Muiden, near Amsterdam.
The Dutch Soling class is expanding rapidly and we will have 10 or more Dutch competitors at the 2017 event. They, together with many enthusiastic volunteers are
looking forward to making this event a success.
We already have entries from Brazil, Germany and the United States but many other teams from other countries confirmed that they will be present, including teams from Denmark, Ukraine, Canada, France, Austria, Hungary and Argentina.
Teams that enter early can save 75 euros on the entry fee. The Dutch Soling Class and our volunteers are happy to assist you in finding suitable accommodation and a rental boat in case you do not (or cannot) bring your own.
With the location so close to Amsterdam airport and with so much to do for family and friends close to the venue itself, there is almost no reason not to join!
We will see you in September 2017 in Muiden!

Leo Determan – Chairman Soling Worlds 2017 organizing committee
Gabor Helmhout – Chairman Soling Club Nederland
Article written by Leo Determan

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