vrijdag 19 mei 2017

Sailing and Socialising during Worlds Soling 2017

Hello World Wide Soling Sailors,

It will be great that you are coming in September to The Netherlands competing to win the Soling Worlds 2017 in Muiden. 

Yachtclub Muiden

We are looking forward to your arrival. Meanwhile we are busy with the preparations. Sure the racing will be most important, however we also like to address the supporting teams with a nice program.
Since races most often are not easy to follow from shore, it seems like a good idea to offer you some alternate activities and to show you some nice aspects of The Netherlands.
We have made an social program that will be in sync with the racing of the Soling teams.


On Saturday we hope to welcome as many as possible teams at the Royal Yacht Club in Muiden. During daytime measurement will take place. In the evening there will be the opportunity to make a boat tours thru the channels in Amsterdam with some wine and Dutch cheese. The Tour starts at 21:00 hours and will be finished around 23:00 hours. The cost will be €39 per person exclusive transport to Amsterdam and back.

Boattour through the channels of Amsterdam


On Sunday measurement continues and the practice race will be sailed.
After the end of registration and measurement the opening ceremony is scheduled at the yacht club.


The first race is scheduled for Monday around 12:00. We wish every team lots off success.


Racing continues… On Tuesday we go to Amsterdam for a “hop on hop off” tour thru the channels The tour starts at 09:30 and ends on 18:00. During this trip you can visit sites in Amsterdam. The cost will be €21 per person again exclusive the transport to and from Amsterdam and the places you visit.


Racing continues… Wednesday evening is planned for the Championship dinner. Extra tickets will be available at the registration desk.


Racing continues… Thursday … Bicycle day! Going to The Netherlands without riding a bike is not an option! During the day you can explore the Muiden environment on a bike. There are plenty of special bicycle roads so it can be done pretty safe. The costs are depending of the number of participants.


Last day of racing… After sailing and hoisting there will be the prize giving and goodbye ceremony.


We did not want to make too many program items in the social calendar. However if you want to experience even more we will be able to advise you. E.g. an extra individual tour can be made to Pampus Isle. There you will have an excellent view on the lake and maybe you can see part of the races.
Also a visit to the original Medieval Castle of Muiden (walking distance on the other site of the harbor) can be on you individual list.

George Stephenson 

Probably the steam vessel “George Stephenson” will be at the dock. The owner of this museum vessel will be pleased to tell you more about it. Weather permitting he even will bring us to Volendam and back to visit this fishing town. On tour we will see the Solings racing.
As you can see there is plenty of activities during the Worlds in this small part of the world.
Anne Frank

National Maritime museum

In case you want to visit The Anne Frank House, The Van Gogh Museum, Het Scheepvaart museum (The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam) or the Rijksmuseum, it is wise to book you tickets in advance by:

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask us now or during the event.

Francoise van Veen
Phone: +31610164685

Tineke Reuvers
Phone: +31610110082

Please let us know if you like the social program and if you want to make use of it. If possible before 20-AUG-2017 so than we can make the proper reservations.

We wish you lots of success with all preparations for the trip and looking forward to see you in September.

Tineke, Jenny en Francoise

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